Yet another doctor found dead in plane crash

It brings me no joy to announce the death of yet another  doctor in just a matter of days. The other 3 were confirmed holistic doctors, and we are still researching the death of this doctor who was, sadly, found dead.


Thomas Bruff, MD, was apparently well loved by many, especially the people we are talking with today.

He was board certified in Preventive Medicine. We are told he was an expert in adverse health effects due to medications as well as medical toxicology.

Dr Bruff was a phenomenal physician, an “extremely experienced pilot” as well as a volunteer helping victims after the earthquakes in Nepal and Ecuador.

Flight control seems mystified why he didn’t allegedly pull up when they repeatedly radio’d him as he was flying the mountain range in Southern California that he flew in all too frequently, with many years of experience.

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You can read the recap here of all deaths, although we haven’t had a chance to add the last 5 in just a matter of days.

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