Watch: Disguised as Elvis Presley, ‘Magic Mike’ star Channing Tatum surprises strangers!

Channing Tatum recently decided to surprise a few unsuspecting fans, who thought they were just taking an ordinary elevator ride at an office.

With help from Omaze, an internet company that raises funds for non-profit organisations, the 36-year-old actor disguised himself as the one and only Elvis Presley as part of little Magic Mike Live preview, reports E! Online.

Magic Mike Live is a stage version of Tatum’s successful stripper movie franchise Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL from 2012 and 2015 respectively.

While hidden cameras rolled throughout the day at the particular office, the Step Up star began chatting up with unknown employees, persuading them to head up to the top floor for a ‘small, casual party.’

When the elevator doors opened, guests were taken into a mock casino that included games, food, drinks and even a few handsome dancers just like the ones in Las Vegas.

For those fans who missed out on the surprise, they can enter online to win a trip to join the Hollywood hunk at the live show that would launch in Las Vegas in March 2017.

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