Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer That Shouldn’t Be Ignored At Any Cost

Cancer is considered to be the wildest and most vile misfortune one person can be exposed to. Cervical cancer, particularly, refers to abnormal cell growth.

Among the most common warning sign of cervical cancer is leg pain.

Those women who are diagnosed with this type of cancer often feel pain and swelling in their legs. When it spreads, the cancer obstructs blood flow and it causes the swelling. When it is cause by cervical cancer, the pain is constant and its intensity increases over time. There may be back pain as well at times.

Do not freak out! Having pain in the leg does not necessarily mean that you have cancer, however, if you feel it, then you should visit a doctor.

Preventive measures:

Women aged between 20 and 30 should get screening each 3 years;
Women aged between 30 and 65 should get screening each 3-5 years;
Before your early 20s get an HPV vaccination;
Quit smoking and also avoid secondhand smoke;
Take the necessary and right steps in order to prevent STDs.


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